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Latest News:

Registration for Section Leadership Summit is now open! Take a moment to sign up for this awesome event! Section Leadership Summit is the annual training weekend put on by the section. Every year one of the seven lodges from our section hosts the event! That means our lodge only gets the opportunity to host Section Leadership Summit once every seven years, and this is our year! Section Leadership Summit is going to be taking place at Camp Flying Eagle, November 4-6. The cost is $45 per arrowman. The $45 includes meals for the weekend, training materials, and a tee shirt! Section Leadership Summit offers training classes for both new and experienced arrowmen. Each arrowman participating chooses a training path depending on what they would like to learn about. There is an OA Trailblazer path for new arrowmen, there is an Aspiring Leaders path for arrowmen interested in leadership, there is an American Indian Actives path for arrowmen interested in ceremonies/dancing/drumming, and more! This is a huge deal for our lodge because we are hosting the event and we want to have a great turnout! This event is a great opportunity for both youth and adults to learn more about the Order of the Arrow and meet arrowmen from all around the state of Florida. On-time┬áregistration ends October 20th. Arrowmen who do not register by October 20th can still attend, however, there is a $10 late fee. Don’t be one of the unlucky few who misses out, sign up today: Click to register


Annual Dues Payment:

This is a reminder that your 2016 OA Membership fee (dues) are now due. The annual fee is $15 and may be paid either on-line or at the Southwest Florida Council Office. These dues are not part of the fee you pay your unit when you recharter annually.
The link to pay on-line is: here.

The address for the council if you wish to mail your dues in is:
1801 Boy Scout Drive
Ft. Myers, FL 33907