Section Conference

The buses for Section Conference are now full, however, arrowmen who have not yet registered still have the opportunity to attend this awesome event!

Section Conference is an event where arrowmen from all around the state of Florida come together for a weekend of food, fun, and fellowship! This year Section Conference is being hosted by UH-TO-YEH-HUT-TEE Lodge at Camp Sandhill, April 21-23, the cost is $50.

Arrowmen who register now will not be able to ride the bus to and from Section Conference, however, arrowmen still have the opportunity to attend if they have a ride to and from the event.

 Arrowmen who are registering now, when you register you will be put on a wait list; after you are put on the wait list you must contact our lodge adviser Mr. Devlin, VIA the lodge website contact page and confirm with him that you have a ride to and from Section Conference. When you confirm with Mr. Devlin that you have a ride to and from the event you will be taken off the wait list and you will be registered for the event. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us VIA the the lodge website contact page.
This is going to be an awesome event that you don’t want to miss out on, and registration closes April 6th, so don’t delay, so sign up today!

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