Welcome to the Order of the Arrow


Congratulations on your nomination as a candidate for the Order of the Arrow. If you are under 18, we recommend you review this information with a parent or guardian.

The Order of the Arrow is Scouting’s national honor society. Its membership fulfills the Order’s purpose of recognizing those who exemplify Scouting’s values, promoting responsible outdoor adventure, developing young leaders, and crystallizing the Scout habit of helpfulness into a life purpose of leadership in cheerful service to others. Established in 1915, the OA emphasizes service to the unit. In this way, Arrowmen give back to their units with the leadership skills and values of service learned through the Order. The Order’s program complements the units’s, providing valuable leadership training programs, world-class high adventure opportunities, and exciting national conferences.

We invite you to undergo the Ordeal and become a member of the OA and our Lodge. You must attend, participate in, and complete your Ordeal within one year after the date of your election as a youth or nomination as an adult. Please consult the calendar of this website for the exact dates and locations of upcoming Ordeals.

The combined Ordeal and event fee totals $45. This fee covers your OA sash, handbook, lodge flap (pocket patch), and meals. Pre-registration for the Ordeal is highly recommended because it helps us plan a memorable experience for you. It is important to let us know of any medical or special dietary considerations as soon as possible to provide a safe Ordeal. We look forward to welcoming you into our brotherhood!


OA - Acronym for Order of the Arrow

Candidate - When your troop nominates you to be a port of the Order of the Arrow, and  you accept the nomination, you become a candidate.

Arrowman - After completing the OA Ordeal (aka Ordeal) you become an arrowman